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Areas of Expertise


These sessions are interactive and provide you with a supportive, collaborative process that will allow you to explore your experiences, behaviors, and beliefs. With the benefit of fresh insight, you will identify blind spots and patterns which are getting in the way of you living the life you've imagined for yourself. You will gain strength and learn strategies needed for you to have a healthy and happier life.


We will work together as a team to identify problem areas, redefine and re-frame arguments, learn how to "fight" fair, uncover the deeper emotional needs you each bring to the relationship, identify your love language, recognize the 'cause & effect' patterns in your relationship, help you to understand the way in which you presently communicate, then teach you new skills & solutions to help you improve.  


Group Therapy is a form of therapy that facilitates giving and receiving support. It is a way to learn from and support peers who are experiencing similar issues. Group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy may not such as allowing members to act as a sounding board, hold you accountable for your actions, normalize feelings, reduce isolation and help you practice new skills, as well as develop trust. Group therapy helps you relate to others, and yourself, in healthier ways and provides a safety net. It is also a great way to supplement individual therapy and can be more cost effective for those who may not be able to afford individual therapy.


When Girlfriends Gather

A fun and interactive way of having difficult but necessary conversations that help us to heal old wounds, become more self aware and evolve as women. If you are a part of a group of girlfriends that always aim at self improvement, this is for you. It's a party BUT with a purpose! We can discuss anything from your MAN, to your MONEY and your MIND with a clinical perspective that will help you WIN in each area. Nothing is off limits.


Soul Care Sundays

Online group session one Sunday each month covering different topics.


All workshops are aimed at helping you engage in therapeutic growth by providing education and clinical strategies for healing and accomplishing personal goals.


Vision Board

A Vision Board is a FUN and effective tool for setting and visualizing your goals.  At this workshop I will help you identify your desires and help you set and visualize your intentions. I will help you to take your dream/goals outside of your mind realm and bring it out into the universe. However, this is not a "name it and claim it' type of party. As a psychotherapist, I am aware that often we cannot achieve because there are so many issues within us that weigh us down and block us. I will speak to you about healing and overcoming obstacles so you can free yourself up to live your best life and manifest your dreams. 

Healing The Mother Wound 

The mother wound workshop is for people who have had a complicated relationship with their mother or maternal figure. For those who feel they were "unmothered" or received inadequate mothering and/or who have experienced trauma at the hands, or due to neglect from their mothers/parents. Discussion topics include identifying the wound, life impact and implications, changing narratives, managing the pain, and healing.

* While we do not accept insurance we understand that therapy can be expensive and believe everyone should have access to therapy regardless of financial limitations. We offer a sliding scale program for those experiencing financial hardship.

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